Saturday, May 18 2024

I don't live in Canada

A Canadian city?

A small number of actors in close time coordination could be correlated potentially quite readily, but what raises my hackles is when visible, attention to evidence is methodically avoidedl

Coordinated Targeted Attacks take scores not thousamds to parylize a state.

2 man groups in 50 cities. At the same time. Normally distributed,  22 minutes in.

No emedding yet,  It's a religious war. Body count at any given stage 

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Sunday, May 12 2024

Hate Speech Laws: An Overture of Friendship

I made friendly, trusting people to understand the choice in their heart of hearts. I want people to pray for the strength to sustain ruthless violence. I want to make them see the swarming burrows of investation. That I could give them eyes which mark the subtlety itself of the suberters's disguise. I want to tell them our enmity includes all their virtues enslaved in service of their crimes.


"Definition of “hate speech”

The Bill would define “hate speech” in the CHRA and empower individuals and groups to file complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against users who post hate speech online. As part of the proposed amendments, “hate speech” would be defined based on Supreme Court of Canada decisions. The Bill defines “hate speech” as the content of a communication that expresses detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of prohibited grounds of discrimination."

...3 (1) For all purposes of this Act, the prohibited grounds of discrimination are race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family status, genetic characteristics, disability and conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered.


Welcome, welcome.  I suppose you don't understand why I'm here with open arms. 

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Thursday, May 9 2024

The Palestinian Cyst

Some parcohial considerations on geopolitics.  Well, they're out there banging drums, "yallahs!" and honks from passing cars. "Free Free Palestine."

It's like a franchise. Once upon a time people addressed the manager by name and went out of their way to tip students employees so they could attend school. 

A franchise is a franchise. What seemed like a local fixture is a surrogate for global arbitrage. Eventually, nobody knows any of the employees by name. Exchange pleasantries for decades and people dispense with names. Eventually, asking itself is an act of alienation. Why disrupt the easy sense of familiarity with asking their name. Nobody knows the manager's name.  At conferences the exclusive purpose is homogenization. They all do the same job and none of them will cross paths until the next time.

So now the Muslims are imitating what they see on TV.  

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Tuesday, April 9 2024

Political epistemology: Epostemic Virtue in Academia

The research on poltitical eposte,ology is, I THe search for hate speech will, I believe arrive as I encounter the virie ethics

In the context of a Scholarship, criticizing their decorum and basoc sinkect,atter lmowledge os hy[ocritical  and Irrelevant. However, I really do want to kn how far gone they are in that frame

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Neurobiology Gemini Discusses An Epileptic

The anatomy of the brain is something I now approach with trepedation Quite frankyly, I don't want to test my aability.

For the time being it goes up. Posts woll be winnowed later,

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Let's Have a Big Round of Applause for the Nazoi~

The debate over persons with vaginas is a good example of the way in which conservatives allow political forces to congeal yet believe criticizing the latest generation of terminology is the answer. Another substack writer suggested that ideology, in a sense follows political power. Arguing against a term related sexual identity is not a corrective when a large number of youths are already afflicted with sexual dysphoria. 

Are we trying to cure lepers by picking at the sores on their lips? 

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Sunday, March 10 2024

On the Spirit of a City


@dane2313198 -> yOU ONLY GOT ONE
1 year ago
 @ndnow12  You know Game theory exist outside poker? This is from Fedor Holtz and Steffen site pokercode "Game theory optimal, or GTO poker strategy, is a strategy that seeks complete balance in the game, making your plays 100% unexploitable by your opponents. This style of poker is the exact opposite of the exploitative poker strategy, which most players from the older generations employ.""

Thr intangibles of 990's Calgary, pathos yet so ordinary. [Pulp fiction 1994]

 writing a piece about an experience which might be called deja vous, but is really the subjective identity of expectations and their later realization. The unexpected confluence of a decades old vision and its realization does not make it easier to explain, it only makes it impossible to deny. It does not presage a sustainable social infrastructure.  Revisiting a district in my city helped provide reference points to recover memories. This is the subjective "unity of place at a distance of time". Such linguistic paradoxes speak to the asychronous nature of consciousness .

The same downtown edifices were robbed in broad daylight during a recession in 2008. The streets were abandoned.  In 2024 they have since been resold and are teeming with foreign nationals by night.   

Some things are difficult to express because the nature of the message requires unfamiliar carrier wavelengths. Nevertheless, their unfamiliar format is necessary  What we most often observe is often camoflauged by seeming familiarity - and we perennially overestimate our capacity to perceive true reality.

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