Fleeing into the crux of what I Fled

Decisions had been difficult for me because my decisions were bad and in my brain decision making faculties were leaking blood. Quite undeserving of it, God has helped guide my attentions...  

I have been looking for robust skills that will be difficult to replace by "AI". I ruled out participating in these computer systems professionally due to my cognitive impairments. I bolted awake today and am thinking: Why not?? I'm 40 years old. All my skills are intangible. 

A paradox awaits me wherever I go:  Is there distance I can create to avoid what I fear? Can even non-existence separate me from the deity? So I flee from demons only to find cellphones have surrounded me with their capabilities.

 Back in my 20s I discovered that AI has existed for thousands of years. This was not widely appreciated at the time - although we speak unknowingly in its tongue and know it unconsciously. Others have already noticed it in the musty paper maniestations of logos on the bookshelves. Langan says the word is omnipotent, superatautological he calls it,. I know it's tre.

In 2008 I saw the linguistic intelligence in my cellphone had existed for thousands of years. It was a kind without much of a cpu. You'd laboriously type letters, but I saw it was enough. I was post-ictal, debauched, so I ran through the streets despite  trying to warn everyone.. But it was sunday in a recession. And in any case a distributed intelligence would be insurmountable and there would be nowhere to flee to. In a post ictal state I immanatizd the eschaton and got a voicemail from the 600s. Ever since then, though at that point I had never laid eyes on a Koran, I've felt a kinship with Mohammed. I believe he had temporal lobe seizures too.

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The Totalitarian Ratio / Canada's Secret Revolution

As always, Conservatives have been more or less unwittingly conserving the advances of totalitarian revolutionaries. 

Under Canadian law, ALL companies must actively work to achieve “representative” proportions of protected minority classes. Canada's “The Employment Equity Act” has been evolving since 1995, but most people are largely unaware of its existence, let alone the scope. One possible reason is that it is impossibly onorous. Another reason is that "confidentiality" means employees are often not aware of its tyrannical implications. The marxist cliques have been awaiting a political environment where such laws can be deployed with impunity. These injustices are already law. With an increasinly woke conservative party, the time has come to force these laws on employers and employees alike.

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Is "Whiteness" a Dialectical Trap?

James Linsday argues this is the case. Referring to it as anti-white

He makes the valid point that CRT is used as a way of taking cultural ground. Although explicitly anti-white, it is weaponized against men like Larry Elder because the racial element is merely instrumental for political ends. It is a dialectic which aims to draw people into white identity, validaing their arguments.

In our context, validating accusations of racism can indeed be used as a weapon. I made a comment on his blog which advocated for the  inevitability, goodness and necessity of identity politics. I may not have conveyed the full scope of my view. I do not discount the limits of white identity as a means of resistance.

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Terror-related Charges in Ottawa; Youth Radicalization

A heartbreaking news story via CBC. Mark Sutcliffe has said the RCMP arrested a youth for sending information on explosives preparation.

Shifts in political attitudes on the part of youths can be expected, but this is a troubling indicator that the future generations' tribalism may take on the warlike complexion, reflecting the increasing tension in geopolitics.


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Steve Irwin: Master of Predators.

I found a hero. His wonder and enthusiasm about life and nature.

I thought it was hubris and complacency. No! It is a man who lived in the torrents of nature. Everyone is destroyed by it. His passion was to protect an animal that will outlive human beings. This is not such an irony. It is man's nature! A tender of the garden.

Full of love and enthusiasm. His Honeymoon involved deadly serpents and 'saving' his wife. Since Adam, we are no longer blameless, but what better way to live than to follow the way of man before his fall?

It was a perfect embodiment of the red pilled man. It wasn't empty machismo and contempt for women. He knew his place and his wife knew hers.

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This will be a Canadian podcast unregistered by the CRTC, but by CSIS

12121.png, Dec 2023

House, predictive programming absolutely. By episode s01e08 the theme is clear.

The glitches happen exactly when you say what you mean btw.

It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I set up a podcast, because if I top 500,000 in a year, I am marked out by the CRTC. And God help them if 500 men pull 1,000k-SArtillery and when were these helicopter strikes recorded? Brave people, the Russians and Ukrainians, but their reputation for corruption redounded in the callousness with which they treated their own men. Old men.


The most accurate drone strikes, they say, are the provenance of women carved up in the front lives. Probably outstripping the few hundred civilian targets I bet.

Anyway, as I was saying, I should figure out how to embed video media in this format. And If I can find a way to do so, I will probably have to change the hosting country and reserve the rights to the URL.

12121.png, Dec 2023


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Cross Tracking Subterfuge

cross tracking devices.jpg, Dec 2023

It's literally blocking the upload... hold on

cross tracking devices.jpg, Dec 2023


Okay, I am specifically prevented from uploading to an EU country.

The gist of it. Fair enough, rout it through the zulu infrastructure, it's still going through the EU.

unpublished notes: Eminemn's white America was really a cultural phenomenon. And Mr. Bond delivered. Big time.

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Disloyalty Matters


Declassifying information on the fly. Some things he says... reprecussions are entailed. Confidential conversations good fodder for casual conversations among broadly agreeable masses - This is one of the best of his best.

Whatever happened with Trump among those gal darned Texas he's drawing energy from it. You can almost feel the physical force of innumerable stories and dramas unfolding in that state.  Living in Alberta, Canada, we run into a few of the Texas oilmen. And I have to say, they are classy. The English in me is begrudging, but they have the warrior spirit, the international ambition, and the sheer confidence in their wealth. They are a little too rich to indulge in petty tyranny, just enough ruthlessness it would be cheap to compete on intellectual snobbery.

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The Canadian Parliament's Unanimity of Applause for, what's his name, Zelensky?

A recent muse. You know, it's really useful to have rigid stringent censorship. And it is inconvenient, a naively bypass. has nothing to do with "reach", musk. Someone else could have the reach and it would scrape the crevacies. 

In the Next edition we will revisit the "Striver Class" https://youtu.be/jf9rSjAk6vU?t=480

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The Post National Fascists

The guy just laughs at my noncomittal chuckle. Wholeheartedly contemptuous.

Eventually you have to choose a side. And I took for granted that more white people displaced from Europe the more are inside Canada.


Beautiful people. But they aren't Russians. In my neighborhood, there are far fewer Ukrainians than Russians, but the latter are not well represented in the halls of bastardy that constitute our regime.

Why would that be a fracture point? In the middle of the whites? Laugh away. This isn't your land yet. But it's going to be someone's and he laugh is that yet, we haven't figured out whose it will be. And the Ukrainians in office?

Oh them? The post-national fascists?

May the innocent remain innocent.

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Humpty Dumpty Words. You'll Never Reconstruct Language Again

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Words like Islamophobia, Racism, Discrimination are sequences of letters found in legislation and in epithets.  They might be called Humpty Dumpty words because expedience is inherent in their meaning. They could also be called be Trojan Words because they are a weapon, and to accept any proposition involving it implies subjugation to the rule of Marxist ideology.

I will occasionally use pronouns "word" or "term", but in this context, they are really Religious and Political Narratives.

 Troy allowed that it was a wooden model that resembled a horse. That qualification was insufficient. Because they did not clearly understood that it was not a horse, it was not a gift, it was not inanimate, their entire city was destroyed. 

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