Friday, December 1 2023

Cross Tracking Subterfuge

It's literally blocking the upload... hold on

cross tracking devices.jpg, Dec 2023


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Monday, November 27 2023

Every Single Mr. Bond Production of his Discography I can discover will be published.

It's not a good situation, because it's only going to get Published again.

a240b9a16596b82e.png, Nov 2023


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Thursday, November 23 2023

The Ungulate exception

As you were

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Classic lip read: The Gestalt doesn't even need translation

And the recitation is inclined to be irrelevant


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Wednesday, November 22 2023

Ain't you sick of me now? I'm with the palestinians now.

For your current account balance press one.

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Saturday, November 11 2023

The Canadian Parliament's Unanimity of Applause for, what's his name, Zelensky?

A recent muse. You know, it's really useful to have rigid stringent censorship. And it is inconvenient, a naively bypass. has nothing to do with "reach", musk. Someone else could have the reach and it would scrape the crevacies. 

In the Next edition we will revisit the "Striver Class"

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Monday, November 6 2023

A Circa 2010 AD - 2014 AD commentary entitled Untitled 1

"I had stretched the rope pretty hard in talking of genial hangmen. A genial misanthrope is no more conceivable than a surly philanthropist."

This is, very likely, the most infomation dense text you'll even wrend out of me.

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Saturday, November 4 2023

BIG PIG hungry town

Unbelievable that people didn't cath that one

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The Post National Fascists

The guy just laughs at my noncomittal chuckle. Wholeheartedly contemptuous.

Eventually you have to choose a side. And I took for granted that more white people displaced from Europe the more are inside Canada.


Beautiful people. But they aren't Russians. In my neighborhood, there are far fewer Ukrainians than Russians, but the latter are not well represented in the halls of bastardy that constitute our regime.

Why would that be a fracture point? In the middle of the whites? Laugh away. This isn't your land yet. But it's going to be someone's and he laugh is that yet, we haven't figured out whose it will be. And the Ukrainians in office?

Oh them? The post-national fascists?

May the innocent remain innocent.

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Monday, October 23 2023

With power and food and apparently water supplies

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Sunday, October 22 2023

The South Africans Shooting Little Monkeys with their Airguns

3fps Round to round velocity variation. So what the factor, bored monkeys dismayed the humans whose aggregate or targeted selection but for the condition that a net reduction in the population is achieved.

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Wednesday, October 18 2023

Humpty Dumpty Words. You'll Never Reconstruct Language Again

Words like Islamophobia, Racism, Discrimination are sequences of letters found in legislation and in epithets.  They might be called Humpty Dumpty words because expedience is inherent in their meaning. They could also be called be Trojan Words because they are a weapon, and to accept any proposition involving it implies subjugation to the rule of Marxist ideology.

I will occasionally use pronouns "word" or "term", but in this context, they are really Religious and Political Narratives.

 Troy allowed that it was a wooden model that resembled a horse. That qualification was insufficient. Because they did not clearly understood that it was not a horse, it was not a gift, it was not inanimate, their entire city was destroyed. 

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Tuesday, October 17 2023

Yuen Pau Woo is indistinguishable from a foreign agent.

I am inclined to believe this Senator,  SENATOR is a foreign agent. He talks like one, he walks like one and he smiles like one. He is appointed to the Senate by Trudeau.

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Tuesday, October 3 2023

War Fever

Canada's House of Commons put on an impressive display of unified enthusiasm for war, clapping like drones on Steptember 22nd 2023. In this video, Zelensky lays out the official narrative.

I don't care about the 90 year old soldier who was the occasion of such phony outrage. The truly dangerous thing is what we are doing right now. The embarrassing historical ignorance of our politicians merely underlines their incompetence and disinterest in truth.

This unanimous enthusiasm is inorganic and unpalatable. 

One can't help but get the impression that the politicians are applauding themselves as much as anything. It's much more comfotable to to cheer sending men to muddy graves than it is to be among those who fight.  Our soft and fattened politicians are feeling powerful. They have lots of Ukrainians to sacrifice on the alter of self-importance.



We’ve helped provide material to prolong the lopsided butchery of our ostensible beneficiaries.  Propaganda flourishes among the ill informed. Government financed Media organizations dutifully supply half-truths to fortify our ignorance.  We were never told about the farcical Minsk agreements, the color revolution, the bombing of civilians in the Ukrainian civil war, the popular support for succession or the operational realities of the military conflict. We are not told about the shuttering of churches and opposition parties in Ukraine.

These results were easy to anticipate. What is less clear to me is what animates it. This is not organized by anything resembling statesmanship or strategic thought.  Any ‘strategy’ is opportunistic reactivity when there are no clear goals set out.

Participating in organized violence without an articulate object seems to indicate some combination of three drivers: Actions are being taken on behalf of another party [pressure from the United States]. What clear objectives exist are too venal to admit publicly [Industrial profits or pandering to ethnic voting blocs]. Then there are considerations of a psychological nature. War fever. Boredom. Lack of direction.


4:35 Zelenskyy; “This russian aggression must end with our victory….” *politicians stand and applaud* “Yes!”

-Let's talk about your version of victory Zelensky. Let's talk about your apprehensions of danger. I don’t believe Russia intended to engage in such a bloody war, nor would it have without our intervention. It may seem to be an intervention in favor of Ukraine, but could not have been more damaging to it.