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A fascinating comment from the founder of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht. That the American election was a fraud is unlikely to shock th

At the 4 minute mark, she tells us that To identify the mules, they bought geolocation data from telephone carriers! Cellphone apps launder the data and the phone carriers sell it. True the vote would have access to of thousands of individuals.

The preview for the series drowns this disturbing transaction in the high-tech

I am astonished that it is so simple to obtain. Engelbrecht demonstrates that, minimal supplementary information. It is synoptic and can establish long term patterns of behavior. Such information can have a long useful shelf-life.

Even more alarming is that this information is promiscuous.

As is typical in totalitarian conditions, the enforcement, even the character of the law is enforce horizontally. There is a standard set, and those who do not fall into line are punished. We have recently seen this dry run for totalitarianism. Small and medium organizations fired staff for failing to get jabbed. There was never any reckoning with respect to the lies of two years. The reprieve is lie the public has been vaccinated against mass hypnosis .

Black Rock and Vanguard, along with the S&P500 and others, have bent the knee to the Sustainability agenda. Black Rock and Vanguard appear to be a driving force behind this move. For large organizations, being excluded from obtaining loans is an unacceptable outcome. If the CEO did not prepare a sustainable development plan and begin implementing it, they would be fired.

This is true of other companies. In fact, the assessment of Sustainability goals requires that companies avoid doing business with those perceived to generate externalities.

I have been told that in many cases, compliance is nominal. Will companies continue to skirt the requirements of the assessment organizations?

Not the Core. Man is Not.

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