"good standard actuarial determination from the government are, when they rely upon local sources for basic determinations?" May be disguising what's really going on, how closely connected events have become.. "The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker site is a major project displaying COVID-19-related statistics. ... I’ve read and understood their approach and methodology...." He says.

He refers to valuable reference points. New York Times' Github site and the COVID Tracking Project which is operated in association with Atlantic Magazine. The COVID Tracking Project, as far as I know, does not have a Github, but they offer a data portal. Covid Tracking project data portal

"not only does Johns Hopkins differ from the COVID Tracking Project, the disparity grows over time."enter image description here :A deficit I can understand, but wiggles and bumps are harder to grok.: enter image description here Tucked away out of sight of the stream of news.

On the order of 40,000 or more covid related deaths per quarter, as of Sept %Taking at least 1,2,3 doses respectively 1) 98.1% 2) 96.4% 3) Dose71.8%

April 23 Trilesitenews

"Australia and New Zealand to South Korea and now China, highly transmissible variants such as Omicron and BA.2 at least, in some locations exaggerate existing vaccine durability challenges intensifying localized or regional viral surges. " "As reported by TS News, just over a week ago regions in Australia experience growing numbers of not only breakthrough infections but also breakthrough hospitalizations and even deaths, such as in the Australian state of Queensland. TS News has been reporting on a disturbing trend in some heavily vaccinated populations such as in Australia, where SARS-CoV-2 infections, hospitalizations, and even death are higher now than at any time during the pandemic."

How high? On the order of 40,000 deaths per quarter.
" Twice as many people have died from COVID-19 this year in Australia (and the year is less than four months old) than in the previous two years there. How is that possible? "

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