A Chance Meeting with a Casual Aquaintance

I encountered a casual acquaintance at a coffee shop. I had only encountered him a few times a year ago. Neither of us were friends.

Around the time I knew him, another man- I'll call x - invited me to share his cell with him. A huge guy. The truth is, I declined because I thought we was such a fucking idiot, his ego was so implausibly big it wasn't even real, just a projection, a notational conceit. Thiiiiiis big, as it were. Lacking a reference space to reality, it would be projected on external situations, relating everything to himself. And he was an insecure, pathetic man who could not hide his weakness in brawn

Waiting in line for coffee, my former acquaintance complimented my instincts: "It turns out you were right about x. He was a cell rapist."

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