Gender Affirmation

Gender Affirmation gender affirmation is abuse perpetrated under the guise of kindness. The phrase is Orwellian gaslighting. It is, in fact, a rejection of gender identity. By using using hormonal and physical mutilation a mental problem becomes the locus of identity. This formerly rare disorder usually worked itself out with puberty. The use of puberty blockers prevents exactly the means by which a person can overcome this illness.

The rationale given, the ostensible frame, is to affirm people for who they are. It cloaks vile physical abuse in kindness. People are loathe to reject other people's sense of identity, so it has not been vigorously challenged.

Here are some analogies: If a person has a sprained ankle, we don't expect them to run races. To make them feel better, we paralyze them by breaking their spine. What, do you hate disabled people, bigot?

If a person has a paranoid delusion about people being out to get them, they are treated like outcasts. We see schizophrenics on the streets and the outcome seems unfair. Thus, we must accept their premise: we're all out to get them. We should tell them we want to implant nighmarish thoughts with a conspiracy of psychic demonism.

A child is sexually abused by an adult, thus develops unhealthy sexual habits, addictions and gets drawn into prostitution. The government must subsidize their pimps as a matter of compassion.

You see how insane it is.

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