When to investigate a user before even replying

So you go into the genetic lineages on larger issues, but when was the last time you presumed to characterize someone, or bothered to, without knowing more about them?

[A] young woman who was going through hard times ... began to pray to God for help. ... [S]uddenly in her mind's eye she saw two sets of footprints side by side on a sandy pathway. Immediately her spirits lifted because she interpreted this to mean that God was with her and was walking beside her. Then the picture changed. She now saw the footprints located in a vast desert wilderness, and instead of two sets of footprints, there ::was only one. Why was God no longer beside her? As despair settled back over her, she began to cry. Then the inner voice of God softly spoke and said, "I have not left you. The one set of footprints is mine. You see, I am carrying you through the wilderness."

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The Feeble Clone

The Feeble Clone

The Trans-humanists hope to build a unified system which is more "sustainable" and less "selfish" than life. A vicarious immortality, a narcissistic panopticon. But there is no worthy substitute for death, our sculptor. Like Dolly, it will be a feeble clone.