Conspiracy theory: mRNA in Eggs Yes, the introduction of suspicion, we'll have science based spooks show the correlation with eggs. The uncanny correlation with eggs of maladies identical to the Spike spike. All the while, it will be an experimental mRNA vector and the elites will have been given warning that those eggs are expensive because dues must be paid to the medical industry.

When to investigate a user before even replying

So you go into the genetic lineages on larger issues, but when was the last time you presumed to characterize someone, or bothered to, without knowing more about them?

[A] young woman who was going through hard times ... began to pray to God for help. ... [S]uddenly in her mind's eye she saw two sets of footprints side by side on a sandy pathway. Immediately her spirits lifted because she interpreted this to mean that God was with her and was walking beside her. Then the picture changed. She now saw the footprints located in a vast desert wilderness, and instead of two sets of footprints, there ::was only one. Why was God no longer beside her? As despair settled back over her, she began to cry. Then the inner voice of God softly spoke and said, "I have not left you. The one set of footprints is mine. You see, I am carrying you through the wilderness."

An anonymous copy of the reason less firepower, closer contact will result in more lethal onfrontations

I don't know who wrote it. It is knowingly not anonymous. Gnonannon.

It's called an 'Iklwa', the name for a 3' short spear, that they used in conjunction with an oversized oxhide shield. The idea was that the spear was so short that if forced close-quarters combat, which resulted in a much higher mortality rate than previous long spears had. It was named 'iklwa' for the characteristic sound it made as it pierced living flesh. The Zulu... essentially re-invented old Roman and Carthaginian tactics, bringing them forward 2000 years in time -- the short spear forced the combat, and the 'bulls head' formation enabled the double-envelopment battlefield tactics that the 1800s Zulu were notorious for. The Zulu were also great cross-country runners, and 1000s of them could move in formation across 50 miles/day. There was another famous double-envelopment in history, done by Hannibal and the Carthaginians and mercenaries against the Romans, in about 220 BC. It resulted in the absolute annihilation of at least 6 Roman legions, one of the most lopsided battles in history. There was a movie done in the mid-60s, called 'Zulu'... in the early part of the film, the Zulu bull's head formation was shown to the British army officers by a woods wise Boer. The film was set just after the battle of Islandwana, in which the Zulu had wiped out 2000+ British redcoats (who were apparently locked out of their own ammunition chests by British regulations). Later was the stand-off at Roark's Drift, which was about 2 weeks after Islandwana. Oh... and here's a reference for the 'iklwa'... https://www amazon com/Zulu-War-Iklwa-Short-Spear/dp/B00H5UTG8U