Pre-fabricated Outrage

I meet a lot of people people who get upset and tell us about the comfort of their illusions. That's the beauty of free speech. I c In the 90’s internet, you could tell people got heated during flame wars. The swat team didn’t didn’t blast through red lights to take out urmama6969 before he could finish typing g..g...e...r. and press send

Here’s a short story. As the feminists would say, it is “entitled”...

... Trigger

(based on a true story) It is the year 2030. Not long ago, courage was the mark of a man. Five years ago, it became the mark of death. The vast majority of remaining people harbor a secret lust for the experience of indignation. When there is a herd of citizens, they’ll kill you without hesitation if they sense you’re not different. The time for conformity is over. I hear high heels. Maybe it’ll leave you alone. Shit, sorry for you. No dice. This one’s been reading their Marcuse.

Starbucks coffee is flowing down his nylon dress. It was the upright posture that startled the man. Recognizing the healthy glow of white pride, his ears had begin to roar. Your every gesture now drips hatred in his eyes. The shouted denunciations get faster and louder. The more intoxicated with fury he becomes, the more certain of himself he seems. Every hair on your head glistens with anti-semitism.

He grits his teeth and glances down. “Holy Freud.” whispers. The socks are picked cotton. His anger swelled with fear and alarm: shoes are shined!! His mind moving like a body positive sprinter, he snatches his phone out of his purse.. “Hello 911, what’s you/your emergency? ...Hello? ... Hello?” “ name is Larissa, they/him...”

You've already started walking away. A moment later he shrieks at you but you keep walking. “You did, didn’t you?"

" You called him boy, ! You Cisgender Fascist pig! Pig! POLICE! heeeelp!”

Well, now you know cops are coming. This useful idiot is not your problem anymore. The RCMP won’t be far behind. The secret police will likely give him a civil service award before shooting him on the spot.

“You said boy* come shine my shoes! Yes I'm still on the phone, he's walking eastbound on sixth avenue downtown."

*Believed to be a term used in the old south to address slaves

I call it Prefabricated outrage. They all denounce racism. As usual, the right only fights in negative terms. They don’t want to be associated with racists. It might alienate voters. They come in and are immediately introduced to the dialectic of the new left. The left has been situating themselves for 100 years. They’re like gophers or immigrants. They think they’re stealing food you gave them.

A few of years go by and they’re all over the place. Then you have to step around the holes. The neighbors have (Chinese dog) and a Siberian Husky. They multiply. So the gophers turn your lawn into the summer of love. Mud and sexual degeneracy. And multiply. Then there’s about six million of them and you’re thinking of setting up the dehydrator.

It is a form of taboo that has been weaponized against the new right. The cynics are proving right, time and again.

It is one of leftwing coups. The ones who have been setting themselves against the RINO party have formed a

The conservatives are like modern art these days.

“What are you going to do about antisemitism on your platform?” He askes Steve Miller/s face slides back and forth accross his impossibly spherical head., “There’s no place for white nationalists on our platform. Griftr is about Free Speech, it’s about American Values, it’s about Tax Cuts. We don’t want white nationalists on our website.”

Sure Steve. Are you going to get rid of critical race theory from the schools and bring it onto the war room? There was a time when men would kill an animal and mount its head on the wall.

Stephen Coughlin was right when he was warning about becoming complacent about victory. We might think we’re winning 10:1, but every fight is a rearguard action. The new left have a strategy to win on that.

And by the way Bannon, we’re not winning 10:1. Your sweeping historic victories are 60/40. The GOP might get got 100 seats for 100 years, but you'll still lose. The testicular cancer igone, at great cost. So why keep it in the brain? officially on the reservation. Those ten mile runs are in circles. The Gen Zs who slipped out through the fence annoyed the land-owners by escaping. You don’t want them.

The right side of the right party is dependent on the good will and the money of big tech. You can carp about big tech all you want, but they have you over a barell. They’ve got the economy of scale. Let’s say everyone from twitter delates their accounts, their feeds, their links and comes over to Gettr. Do you know how far they have to go? It’s a flat earth Steve. They’re all on the same systems.

Addendum: Here is a comedian who discusses an encounter with a neighbor who was told he was a paramilitary cult leader. It's an example where a misconception has not been embedded deeply into the culture, it is far easier to deprogram: Above a couple of fragments 1) Explore the pre-fabricated outrage and its connection to mass formation movement. Reaction can be scripted, yes hypnosis is real. A mob can be provoked if all of them share the impression that a mortal thought-crime has been committed, and believe that others think the same way. Vox Day, in his book "SJWs Always Lie" says this is the first step when a Woke crusade is launched. The triggers have been prepared in advance. Those most widespread in our culture have been largely manufactured by Jews. (The "holocaust" is probably the archetypical instance. The taboo against pedophiles being a conspicuous exception.) The most natural subject matter are topics which are already aversive.: Difficult necessities and unpleasant realities and existing mass delusions. That jews have exploited this method is far from conjecture. Far from it. The process has been documented - by Jews - for 100 years. It's long past due for the dissident right to explore the connection between the psychological processes that drive it and Jewish propaganda strategy.

Liston: In my Cowboy Movie The Bad Guy Always Wins

That smile you know, at the right person, that tells you they're okay. They're a nice well intentioned citizen looking out for the stranger.

And the enigmatic second look, because he is the white man. Just a casual glance at a suitable interval of complacent oblivion. Inscrutably ambiguous. They might move mountains for your family, they might leave you dead and your children in the custody of sociopathic child and family services.

It's not enough to die. And our poor post-inquisition hispanics god bless their simple corrupt souls, it's not enough to extract the respect of the next one from the utmost despair of the last. It's more as the Jews Understand.

You must destroy the souls of their children. They don't even have to know.

Sample Size

When the third plane hit, even those unacquainted with first attempts, knew. A sample size of all the buildings? A sample size of two? On that fateful day in 2008, I saw the buildings. But it wasn't an aircraft that concerned my mind. It was prosaic, low resolution cellphone images. Simple coordination in a timely manner. That takes a long time to build. It is simple to apply. The moral sensibility, says perry, the moral sensibility is the buffer here where I live, against the crack of supersonic shockwaves traveling hundreds of meters.

Once the lattice has come under tension, it takes energy to stay where you are though. It was always only a matter of time before people realized that such gentle means were necessary, once "be it resolved that the coordination mechanism"...

It takes time, these things. Never saw a goddamned turban in my damned life. Never saw the Dune eyes in my fondest dreams. I told them it was going to happen. They assumed my panic meant that I expected it at any moment (and were others so labile, it could). The dynamic was always slow.

It was a slow, agonizing, bleeding panic that leaked over years, ever so slowly poisoning my brain with blood.

Let Me Not Be A Bystander.

They are uncomfortable with the Nurenberg convention. They're hoping to be institutionally rid of t before the game is up, or simply fades away.

I'm buckling up for escalation. I thought the mass formation psychosis was on the wane. But a single death being used in Britain "WE FOUND ONE! YES!" used as a pretext to follow through on a plan.

By the way, what happened to timely panic? They're justifying policies they'll implement later. If it's such a wartime emergency, why the fuck not do it the same day? I'd expect that in a real plague.

Human Rights I ; Mutilation of Cripples

She’s Passionate about Borderline Personality Disorder! By Quintilian of Counter-currents.

Every formal declaration of rights I have encountered, probably sharing similar sources*, have important similarities. They are logically inconsistent in their own terms. The corollary is that they are political guidelines and depend on various systems of unstated practices of interpretation, conventions and tradition.

The problem of logical consistency is more attenuated the greater the number of explicit protections they enumerate. They not only become more reliant on presupposed assumptions, those assumptions multiply and create novel tensions. Should every name be attached to the same phraseology, the list of all men and all their rights would become a prohibition against differentiation of any kind. It is a degenerate case involving the annihilation of anything human and anything right.

Neil Harbisson is an "activist for transpecies rights" and self described cyborg. Fully colorblind, his head implant is a light sensor on his head that converts colors into vibrations used to distinguish color.

I have no quarrel with prosthetics, but the gimmicky terminology disguises a novel and dangerous moral framework. It redefines prosthetics as a physical component of self. They declare rights for mutants[?], a right not to be "disassembled" and a right to "express" one's self through temporary or permanent body modification.

Everything plausible about it is a restatement of principles of fairness and dignity. But our moral nature is not purely internal and selfish in essence. Extending an absolute moral privilege of the individual to include prosthetics is no less myopic. The degree of individualism arbitrarily isolates inner lives from how we relate to the world around us. As Quintilian of Counter-Currents says of the American Founders beliefs, "...a well-ordered and just society could only exist when it was composed of rational individuals with virtuous and well-ordered inner lives."

In brief, it is special pleading in the guise of universal values.

In the case of sexuality, the social connotations are explicit. In the milieu of sexually dysfunctional minorities today, both sexual proclivities and their expression are adamantly normal. As with the cybernetic moral code, sexual expression is axiomatically harmless [Diddle unto others as you'd have them diddle you]. In practice, they contend it should be celebrated - whether in the form of pronouns, clubs or parades. Actions, words and beliefs which run counter to these dogmas are considered violations of human rights.**

The rainbow mob, like their cybernetic cousins, couch novel rights as direct descendants of the traits of moral policies generally owed among man. But these are not human rights, they are guidelines prohibiting discrimination among sexual behaviors and proclivities.

The language of the rainbow mob lacks a meaningful basis to exclude the silent P in LGBT. Note: they make no attempt to do so. Although couching their morality in terms of consent, the T's belie that façade. Harmful sexual actions perpetrated against young children have been enacted with force of law.

It begs the question: Is there a point at which performative dysfunctions legitimate discrimination? With a hypocritical modicum of consistency, Sailee Khurjekar says no.

Part II to discuss "Discrimination"

The Scar

First distinct memory burned into my mind.. 3 years old. Mother looking nervously, just had to fill the cool water in the spray bottle. Just to press my father's clothes. No problem. She turned her back and I reached out for the most dangerous thing in the room. Burning hot iron. Of course, always, ever, to this day. I will reach out for the most dangerous thing.

Nothing hurt like mom. Nothing. Since then the broken nose, ribs, the piece of the brain pulled out of my head, the thunder and crack of scar tissues adorn my head. Oh, every time I think of it my ears ring like a tidal wave. Even now. Ha, the broken nose, the screaming. Such child's play. I find myself screaming, fleeing, running in terror as the police pull the bag over my head.

"FUCK FUCK" as I inhale my own vomit.

So much brain damage. I can't look down on anyone down to the card board beggar. Yea, I'll slip resumes into the narrow cracks of the windows they'd slip fivers through. But I'll never be rid of the headaches I get when I even think of the arrogant trees that waved me goodbye as I forgot the difference between being dead and waking up in hell.

It was an empirical test, of that I was conscious. Was I in hell on earth, or was I in hell eternal? It didn't matter, but I wanted to know.

So the thunder stuck me, as the alarmed passengers passed me by at 70k/h inches away. And my false deception left me alive. I rose screaming, certain that I was in hell. As the hood went over me, FUCK YOU, they pulled the bag over my head and didn't notice me vomiting into my own lungs as I lay upon the handcuffs and stopped screaming.

Hesitant Rubes

. "...individual freedom cannot be reconciled with the supremacy of one single purpose to which the whole society must be entirely and permanently subordinated." -Hayek

Every effort has been made to spread anxious concern about this dangerous and prolific virus. The Faucci clones, who replicated across the English speaking world with remarkable speed, appear nightly to deliver the latest covid numbers like gruesome weather reports. The messaging has clearly been effective. The masking and lockdown of huge populations as well as hundreds of millions of vaccine doses attest to the effectiveness of this propaganda. Perhaps that's what it took to implement effective public policies!

For the same reasons it has been effective, a large number of people have become skeptical of the policies and prescriptions. The media messaging has been marred by transparent statistical manipulation, selective reporting, appearance of conflicts of interest and methodical censorship.

This post will be in progress to assemble articles and information intended to overcome this reluctance. To berate, inform, bribe and threaten them. When this entry is finished, it will provide incontrovertible proof that their lack of trust is not only unwarranted, it is sinful.

[Placeholder post. Gathering sources.]