Liston: In my Cowboy Movie The Bad Guy Always Wins

That smile you know, at the right person, that tells you they're okay. They're a nice well intentioned citizen looking out for the stranger.

And the enigmatic second look, because he is the white man. Just a casual glance at a suitable interval of complacent oblivion. Inscrutably ambiguous. They might move mountains for your family, they might leave you dead and your children in the custody of sociopathic child and family services.

It's not enough to die. And our poor post-inquisition hispanics god bless their simple corrupt souls, it's not enough to extract the respect of the next one from the utmost despair of the last. It's more as the Jews Understand.

You must destroy the souls of their children. They don't even have to know.

Australian Automatism: The Bond Between Guard and Prisoner

Thin blue line, that means close ranks. The grey NPCs given animation by their solidarity to the police. The guy who show up to the scene of trouble with training and ostensible mission of public protection.

The Ausborn Police hierarchy is a shadowy organization which some journalist worth their salt should have begun investigating, speaking to their past connections, biographies, qualifications and career.

While it's funny to see the street level antics, the regular off camera activity should be studied with reference to what happens before and after a camera exit. Obviously on-camera activity has stretched the bounds of credibility for decades.

This situation does not develop without pointed absence from the organization. In emergency situations, such draconian activities become a necessity on a wider population, for lesser offenses. However, the habits, the appetite was well established over sever generations of officers. And they reconnect with the roots of imprisonment with each-other in the land of exile. Australia.