Yuen Pau Woo. Is he a foregin agent? He looks like a netflix adaptation of the ugly American.   I want to look much more closely at his background. I expect more red flags when the exoteric directions of his ideas can be perceived within seconds. 

However, let us stipulate the Chinese do not actually have a handler for the "Honourable" Woo'.   There remains no functional difference.  What he says implies there is no basis to impose any limits to the scale of foreign invasion.  I should review the nauseating video in more detail. I'd like to see the tendenitious arguments he advances to protect foreign spise.

The Chinese have powerful influence. They have a significant population established in Canada. They are backed by a massive mercantilist nation which is surpassing the power of the erstwhile hegemon. There is plenty of incentive to expand their influence into an extremely rich country. Our government openly disclaims any intention of maintaining independence from foreign imperatives. 

I assume there are only three factors restraining - slowing - this process.  A functional government is good for business. Bureaucratic self-preservation similarly provides incentives to maintain the status quo. Finallywe are the running dog of America which regards China as a rival. 

One thing that is essentially irrelevant is political nationalism. Indeed, to the extent it exists, Canada's national identity is of recent manufacture.

As I have written, we are seeing diplomatic entanglements with India. With Ukraine. We don't have a foreign policy anymore.  Ours is foreign policy.

We have political blocs whose loyalty is closer to non-Canadian elements of their identity. Precisely who processes their tax returns or issuse their passports is of no real consequence. 

They have a vested interest in Canadian prosperity. Nobody is indicating that European civilization has been its wellspring. Quite the contrary, vindictive "decolonalization" dominates the teachings of out educational pipeline and the media.

Senator Woo Wants to Protect Foreign Influence Agents

If you'll look into some of the other individuals involved in that website, they are librarians. They are "weeding" out literature at odds with their agenda.  is It is extremly ideological if these are in any way representative.