This will be a Canadian podcast unregistered by the CRTC, but by CSIS

House, predictive programming absolutely. By episode s01e08 the theme is clear.

The glitches happen exactly when you say what you mean btw.

It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I set up a podcast, because if I top 500,000 in a year, I am marked out by the CRTC. And God help them if 500 men pull 1,000k-SArtillery and when were these helicopter strikes recorded? Brave people, the Russians and Ukrainians, but their reputation for corruption redounded in the callousness with which they treated their own men. Old men.


The most accurate drone strikes, they say, are the provenance of women carved up in the front lives. Probably outstripping the few hundred civilian targets I bet.

Anyway, as I was saying, I should figure out how to embed video media in this format. And If I can find a way to do so, I will probably have to change the hosting country and reserve the rights to the URL.

12121.png, Dec 2023


The URL being Moving out of European provenance under the same URL, but the hosting of video content on this platform, on this media is the most interesting thing to me.

http:// v https://

Was that his decision? 


And they're still there in seria 1:14:00\

Did he just say that?  I wish it was as clear here.

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