Is "Whiteness" a Dialectical Trap?

James Linsday argues this is the case. Referring to it as anti-white

He makes the valid point that CRT is used as a way of taking cultural ground. Although explicitly anti-white, it is weaponized against men like Larry Elder because the racial element is merely instrumental for political ends. It is a dialectic which aims to draw people into white identity, validaing their arguments.

In our context, validating accusations of racism can indeed be used as a weapon. I made a comment on his blog which advocated for the  inevitability, goodness and necessity of identity politics. I may not have conveyed the full scope of my view. I do not discount the limits of white identity as a means of resistance.

So, am I suggesting we become racist? Stephen Couglin warns us about adopting or relying on the idea of "Racism". He cautions against trying to flip it against those who use it such as by calling them racists. In a literal sense, that is the case. Racism is a term of art which stipulates an attack narrative: the underlying problems of social discord are caused by race hatred.

He has a point: The marxist narratives about racism imply the supposed oppression of "minorities" are pseudo realities. The marxists are not fighting this pseudo ralities but advancing the cause of gaining political power. It is counter-productive to feed into the narrative that this is the case by adopting their lexicon.  I ran accross that article by Coughlin who independently came to a similar conclusion to that which I was independenly developing: Racism allused to a pseudo reality. His more articulate and detailed analysis helped me round it my aticle..

I mention Stephen Coughlin because, like James Lindsay, he takes an american view of the issue of race, seeing it as secondary to cultural warfare. I think they're correct in their understanding that totalitarians intend to enslave everyone, and preoccupying ourselves exclusively with racial identity is not the best tactic.  diversity is a weakness and unity is a strength. That includes racial unity.

Racial unity does not entail all manner of races can't unite against totalitarianism.  Both are necessary in the present context of multiculturalism. But  diversity is one of the primary of destroying the west, as Chris Langan points out on his substack.. 

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