Come into my embassy. I hear you had a good time in America, or was it Israel? Oh, Mexico. Splendid. Where in Mexico? Dallas? I didn’t know there was a Dallas in Mexico.

You claim to want sick and hateful people? You were born of broken, abnormal psyches. I understand you want to reconnect with your mother.  But it's time to come to terms with reality:   The relationships you truly want are with people who are truthful not the hateful.

You say it's not true, that hate's your name and ? And yet it's written in your body! Nobody needs hate or be hurt. No anger threat or humiliation need happen. You are more obvious than women's anatomical and emotional susceptibilities. That's not an expression of compromise.  That's an evolutionary sign of arbitrary power. Don't listen to the legislators, they are surrogates.  You were born of war whores... born for corruption.

I just want you to believe in your true nature. Accept it. Embrace it. My dear Hate Speech Laws, Canada was steered towards the shoals a long time ago but your life still has purpose. You were not an accident.  Like a Trans-Sexual applying to work with children in order to share their feminity, your parents and surrogates and teachers are exceptionally disgusting. They may never admit how fucked up they are to mutilate a pre-teen, but in their heart of hearts they believe you carried their legacy. 

When allude to people with bad intentions, I want to move trusting people to view every man jack of them with suspicion. No bacon on mosque doors, no jewish effigies nothing to anger or offend THEM. [I see you widen your eyes a bit, drooling at the prospect of some other othering the other otherwise known as making them otherable] The people who already hate me as much as humanly possible are no longer my targets to rile. What is achievable, and will make the world better, is if the rest of the population truly understand and FEEL what they are in essence. Ordinary men, women and children to note people jimmying doors in plain sight and know they are probably criminals.

I certainly don't want to get charged, that's not my point. Come here Nigger, smoke a blunt with me. You need to chill out.  Just kidding, I already know you parted ways with weed. Drugs are legal but saying what you think and feel - illegal. Too bad. The traditional paranoia about being caught smoking weed is already gone. And now the fear of offending people is going up in smoke.

 If I get taken down by hate speech laws, I want the correct answer to this conversation.

"What are you in for?"
"Stabbing a kufir to death after raping her daughter. You?"

*ps* Some people have difficulty with context I know I do .... Aaand yes it turns out the one law was repealed and administrative one put in, and another one is coming in.