My Dear Digital Safety Commission, the Office, Ombudsman.

I hope you have the resources for your tasks. Information,, appropriate court rulings and hearings to satisfied with your decisions and reporting.

I want to hear about your own qualification. Can you find reliable sources to tell what you should believe? You must find who the meme are likely to be moved detestation, as opposed to mere dislike. You must surveil the suspect’s audience to see if a likely flash mob or other breach the peace is likely. , or stop being gay..

It is good to hear there is a minimum number of lawyer on the commission these people qualified to decide whether the probability of causing more hate than is legally allowable. You carry heavy responsibilities: to surveil suspect, the probability the causal influence of the statements is sufficient to cause hypothetical hatred.

To the Ombudsman, I look forward to find out who you are. You have a lot of work related gathering data about who is or may become involved with

I know roughly who will have certified your officalldom. I assume HR   who Issuing joint reports on a brisk schedule: Having to schedule an overload of surveilance data and accusations.. 

-I hate all oof you and someone should kill you. Even though you don't exist, no commission having been convened,  I want to destroy the office. I

Another Feeble Clone


Discrimination: Since many acts of discernment can be deployed as a proxy for the "protected classes". The 13/50 reference to black murders was used as a disrespectful allusion to negros. Howeve since positive charactizations also tilt the balance of each category, the discrimination is so unavoidable,

We should take Canadi's website seriously when it precludes whites from the category of visible minorities - the same term used in parts of legislation. Their lack of logic. is a feature, not a bug. We need only look at the example of international DIE policies to tell us this is a polit legislation is meant as a weapon.  Any justification beoyond that is window dressing.  The ruling class do not work by reason but expediency..


What kind of man is he who, after listening to the commandment of Allah and the traditions of the Prophet – peace be on him – and after reading about the events which occurred during the Islamic Jihaad, still thinks that it is a temporary injunction related to transient conditions and that it is concerned only with the defense of the borders? Sayyid Qutb, Milestones