"How did it Age?" on the Internet, on Permanent Record

Having reviewed a few highlights of the then-secret April 30 2021 pfizer report, I was curious to see how well that corresponded to what the media was telling us then. Were they talking about the safety of the vaccine in Pregnant and Nursing women?

Web MD, just a few days before says : "Pfizer is now studying its two-dose vaccine in 4,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women to see how safe, tolerated, and robust their immune response is.... the preliminary results won’t be available until the end of the year, a Pfizer spokesperson says." Emphasis added.

Included in the article is the sort of propaganda which lead us to this point: Twitter image of couple, masked, outdoors promoting vaccinating pregnant mothers.

So phizer was lying. What else is new?

If we want to talk about fake news, it is meet to review the record. Our horizon should not be whether someone being right or wrong.

Sometimes those deceptions are well prepared in advance. This is what they call conspiratorial thinking, the implication being that it does not comport with parsimony. This rhetoric would not stand up so well if they stated their implication.

2017 too will be a classic for examination. Then, trial balloons were being set up for insinuating that Trump was involved with the Russians. [In a way that was never really articulated.] [This article from "The Guardian"]3 is emblematic of how news operates. enter image description here

The link discusses the Trump-Russia inquiry which was a manufactured scandal. This is not just in hindsight. 15 days after the article was published, my knowledge of outside events was confined to three radio channels. All I was given was propaganda and I knew it was bullshit and I didn't have to search a fact checker to do it. []