An anonymous copy of the reason less firepower, closer contact will result in more lethal onfrontations

I don't know who wrote it. It is knowingly not anonymous. Gnonannon.

It's called an 'Iklwa', the name for a 3' short spear, that they used in conjunction with an oversized oxhide shield. The idea was that the spear was so short that if forced close-quarters combat, which resulted in a much higher mortality rate than previous long spears had. It was named 'iklwa' for the characteristic sound it made as it pierced living flesh. The Zulu... essentially re-invented old Roman and Carthaginian tactics, bringing them forward 2000 years in time -- the short spear forced the combat, and the 'bulls head' formation enabled the double-envelopment battlefield tactics that the 1800s Zulu were notorious for. The Zulu were also great cross-country runners, and 1000s of them could move in formation across 50 miles/day. There was another famous double-envelopment in history, done by Hannibal and the Carthaginians and mercenaries against the Romans, in about 220 BC. It resulted in the absolute annihilation of at least 6 Roman legions, one of the most lopsided battles in history. There was a movie done in the mid-60s, called 'Zulu'... in the early part of the film, the Zulu bull's head formation was shown to the British army officers by a woods wise Boer. The film was set just after the battle of Islandwana, in which the Zulu had wiped out 2000+ British redcoats (who were apparently locked out of their own ammunition chests by British regulations). Later was the stand-off at Roark's Drift, which was about 2 weeks after Islandwana. Oh... and here's a reference for the 'iklwa'... https://www amazon com/Zulu-War-Iklwa-Short-Spear/dp/B00H5UTG8U

Orientalism: A matter of national security

[An entry from July 2021]

With the terms of art and doctrinal background, it is not hard to find detailed information about these organizations. Our leaders cannot or will not admit it. The only mention I've seen was in committee on Parliament, and by an individual who had already been retired from CSIS. He stated a key fact: specificity on the language of our enemy is a pre-requisite to forming effective countermeasures.

Bill Warner is probably the best resource on ideologically specific information. Stephen Coughlin approaches the topic from defense intelligence construction, also stressing that the element of knowing the doctrines and history are a matter of public moment. But for its application in Canada, much is unchanged in Jihad. Same old tiger, same old stripes.

S.K. Malik, "Reliance of the Traveller", Raymond Ibraham, Richard Spencer, all provide "milestones" the "bridges" where interfaith influence operations can be seen in action. It's not hard to find the organizational connections between "conservative" Muslims and active terrorist organizations. Once you know the terms of art and the objectives, it's trivial. Mohammed was nothing if not unambiguous on the eschatology of Islam.

Recognizing useful idiots on the subject of Islam: Their words will not trace both the esoteric and the facile meanings of the words simultaneously. Islam means the peace of total subjugation. Any other construction is A)incoherent or B)instrumental. The practical distinction between liar and fool narrows as the officeholder becomes more powerful.

Ignorance of Islam is resolute in Canada. The Polish mental band MGLA calls it the "style of total denial." I'm somewhat apprehensive at the public absence of orientalists, of Europeans who can understand these foreigners on their own terms. As I said, specific intelligence is impossible to come by without identifying the opponent.