An anonymous copy of the reason less firepower, closer contact will result in more lethal onfrontations

I don't know who wrote it. It is knowingly not anonymous. Gnonannon.

It's called an 'Iklwa', the name for a 3' short spear, that they used in conjunction with an oversized oxhide shield. The idea was that the spear was so short that if forced close-quarters combat, which resulted in a much higher mortality rate than previous long spears had. It was named 'iklwa' for the characteristic sound it made as it pierced living flesh. The Zulu... essentially re-invented old Roman and Carthaginian tactics, bringing them forward 2000 years in time -- the short spear forced the combat, and the 'bulls head' formation enabled the double-envelopment battlefield tactics that the 1800s Zulu were notorious for. The Zulu were also great cross-country runners, and 1000s of them could move in formation across 50 miles/day. There was another famous double-envelopment in history, done by Hannibal and the Carthaginians and mercenaries against the Romans, in about 220 BC. It resulted in the absolute annihilation of at least 6 Roman legions, one of the most lopsided battles in history. There was a movie done in the mid-60s, called 'Zulu'... in the early part of the film, the Zulu bull's head formation was shown to the British army officers by a woods wise Boer. The film was set just after the battle of Islandwana, in which the Zulu had wiped out 2000+ British redcoats (who were apparently locked out of their own ammunition chests by British regulations). Later was the stand-off at Roark's Drift, which was about 2 weeks after Islandwana. Oh... and here's a reference for the 'iklwa'... https://www amazon com/Zulu-War-Iklwa-Short-Spear/dp/B00H5UTG8U