An anonymous copy of the reason less firepower, closer contact will result in more lethal onfrontations

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It's called an 'Iklwa', the name for a 3' short spear, that they used in conjunction with an oversized oxhide shield. The idea was that the spear was so short that if forced close-quarters combat, which resulted in a much higher mortality rate than previous long spears had. It was named 'iklwa' for the characteristic sound it made as it pierced living flesh. The Zulu... essentially re-invented old Roman and Carthaginian tactics, bringing them forward 2000 years in time -- the short spear forced the combat, and the 'bulls head' formation enabled the double-envelopment battlefield tactics that the 1800s Zulu were notorious for. The Zulu were also great cross-country runners, and 1000s of them could move in formation across 50 miles/day. There was another famous double-envelopment in history, done by Hannibal and the Carthaginians and mercenaries against the Romans, in about 220 BC. It resulted in the absolute annihilation of at least 6 Roman legions, one of the most lopsided battles in history. There was a movie done in the mid-60s, called 'Zulu'... in the early part of the film, the Zulu bull's head formation was shown to the British army officers by a woods wise Boer. The film was set just after the battle of Islandwana, in which the Zulu had wiped out 2000+ British redcoats (who were apparently locked out of their own ammunition chests by British regulations). Later was the stand-off at Roark's Drift, which was about 2 weeks after Islandwana. Oh... and here's a reference for the 'iklwa'... https://www amazon com/Zulu-War-Iklwa-Short-Spear/dp/B00H5UTG8U

Inherited Decrepitude: A first draft

2022-09-28 A story

concept An Heirloom of Corruption:   Found each twin aged 90 whenever they were born. All of her decendents -> Now this theme I did very well and the damn word processors -->She knows that death she's been avioiding is terrible, but it is a necessary and healthy,

It is a mark of sentience to discover that fear is of death. Religion is an important guide men on this matter. It is resplendent in deaths lessons. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Whether the end is like the top of a sphere or sprawling tongues of fire, our death, as all things, each have their own place in creation.

I would not be fearless. I don’t find it enviable. Babies cry for the end of the world. iWe should listen to their native wisdom. That tearful work is instrumental in achieving our famed mark of sentience: abstract knowledge of death.. Don’t be annoyed by crying babies. Sentience is worth weeping over.

An aside: Perhaps mothers’ attentiveness to their child’s fears, sorrows helps form their own character and wisdom. Woken up at 3am to a sound like lamenting for the destruction of a city.

The anatomy of emotion isn’t sin. The original disobedience did not arise from our attraction to sin, but from preferring it to God. Nor is Freedom a fault in our creation. Its fulfillment is obedience to God’s will. Here is the story of a woman who decided it had no place in her lifestyle. She had too many things in her life to have room for the end.

The woman was an embryologist without interest in motherhood. Those cells were dispensable as far as a she was concerned. Her team was learning to predict the physical development of humans. When her employer interviewed her, she was adamant that humans were not part her scientific field. She was a specialist, which is a mark of scientific authority. The man was oddly pleased with this and immediately offered a generous salary and benefits.

As she left, her stomach knotted and she had a vision of death: darkness so intense she would never see..


She was an excellent scientist who made made significant discoveries about exogenous factors in early development. Over time, she developed an intense dissatisfaction with the duration of life. You see, in her soul, she had never accepted life would END. The fear of those final moments was so intense, she could never feel comfortable living out her life. The dread nagged at her until she resolved to find some way to live longer.

It still wasn’t enough though. The hunger to cling to life grew as she thought about a longer life-span. There was no devil to sell a soul she did not have. BUT! The body could be renewed by going back to the beginning. Suddenly, she felt warmed by the research that previously bothered her. She could clone herself!

The little clone could use a little make-up, but she held it like a shield. If she had a case of sudden adult death syndrome - caused by the unvaccinated - She need not experience the terror of total annihilation. She named her younger self “sunshine”.

She became a little apprehensive when her twin hit puberty. That meant death was around the corner! No matter, she cloned sunshine. This part of herself needed even more make-up. Although the older one developed serious psychological problems due to boundary issues with her mother, she was like enough that she would outlive herself.

She continued cloning her body doubles until deep in old age. The youngest ones needed so much make-up, she started using non-toxic spray paint on their faces.

One day, she realized this part of her body would give out. But it was not over for m, she thought with a little smile. I’ll have hundreds of years to explore every corner of the earth, drink the finest wines as she watched the most popular soap operas.

Looking around at the clones strewn about the floor, she realized she had neglected their makeup. Good God! They’re all hideous! Even the baby looks like an old woman. . Their skin was slack and their veins visible. All of them were lying around the room groaning softly. One was trying to reach a toy but was unable to raise her head.

“Dolly.” the child whines.

A cold horror washed over her. “Dolly!” Was a cloned sheep. Genetically identical, but also the same state of cellular decay.

Every drone present was the same age. They too would be riddled with cancer and organ failures. The motionless baby began life an 87 year old egg. Everyone in the room was the same age. Strrewn like antique rag-dolls,

They begin to die like metronomes.

One inAgonal breathing at the prime of her life, another staring at the ceiling after three failed marriages. The 90 year old Lungs collapsed after seven years of breathing. She too was prone to denial, but the closer it comes the more horrible it was! Her last thought was frozen in a paroxysm of terror. A failed student’s head lolled off the couchher .

The immortal

At last terror at

the end.

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