A Magic Trick from Egypt

How do you explain that a multicultural society implies that foreign wars very quickly become civil war?

I don't have a degree, or high office or a resume. But it's sort of painful to see it coming. There's a reasonable chance I'll be killed precisely because I did see it coming. If you read my blog, you'll understand why that would happen.

I don't. But I know that attracting the attention of a wolf pack is not a great place for a sheep like me. Happened with the police in Alberta here. Happened with some gangs [my racial identity was only part of it. I'll tell those stories later, kind of funny run in with local gangs and a timely hint from a cartel affiliate.]

I digress. How do you warn people about war when you've never experienced it? It's not the kinetic part that really worries me. Sure a few will be slaughtered in terror. No, it is the poison that will never be extinguished without Jesus Christ. One of the safest places in the world, and we have lingering, smoldering, long lasted hatred and there is no segregation to protect us from it.

White nationalism is a multi-racial protection mechanism. Christian Nationalism will protect everyone in Canada. Because we are facing a danger of lasting hatred. And boy, hate can create some things so ugly that nobody ever seem to remember because it is beyond human comprehension.