The Bio Labs Have to Go.

They never doubted the insect spray. That is worth interrogating.

But when you're at a loss, the biolabs have got to go. Better some nutcase in the Jungle be conducting such experiments. It will be a full scale industry to root out the septic laboratory.

The Bioweapons teted for their infectivity in tissue , but also basic technical capacity and material's access to grow a substrate. These are not stored in full size cultures,

You are more likely to build the disease that kills you and everyone else around you. You panicking little rabbit, nibble on your pill. They both taste nothing aught so much as chalk.

You find a cure for mortality, for the love of God, don't tell me. Until then, the biolabs have a decent chance of being your downfall.

Weapons Laws

Fewer grains of propellant! Hardly dastardly. But for the cross sectional density.

Ron Spooner says the old timers would put their bullets in backwards when it wasn't light targets like deer, or elk. When the ballistic form wasn't as critical as the terminal form, they would put their bullets backward.

That's why some of these new copper rounds are so effective. They don't rely on fragmentation they undergoe, the amount of permanent wound cavity is not based on the petals, but the terminal ballistic property of the orthogonal.