The Post National Fascists

The guy just laughs at my noncomittal chuckle. Wholeheartedly contemptuous.

Eventually you have to choose a side. And I took for granted that more white people displaced from Europe the more are inside Canada.


Beautiful people. But they aren't Russians. In my neighborhood, there are far fewer Ukrainians than Russians, but the latter are not well represented in the halls of bastardy that constitute our regime.

Why would that be a fracture point? In the middle of the whites? Laugh away. This isn't your land yet. But it's going to be someone's and he laugh is that yet, we haven't figured out whose it will be. And the Ukrainians in office?

Oh them? The post-national fascists?

May the innocent remain innocent.

Post National Fascists. The Fields of Slaughter, and oh for the fuck's sake

My november "remember how many people died in war" poppy fell and I can't find it. Forget the people who steal the spare change for veterans in the poppy collection boxes. Where did that poppy go? Now people are thirsty for blood again. Even here. The best fed, the most abundantly watered, erstwhile hallowed.


Massive electronic counter-default activity long before the bombs start dropping.

Why should I be so surprised that the technical obstacles come so long before the kinetic bombs?

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