Political epistemology

The anonymous analysis of activity is structurally individuated. It;'s like blurring the face and plate of an indivdual as he drives to work and home.  To be sure you're interchangeable, and their interest is the patterns of interaction. 

rumor control
fake news
detection prevention
hate speech

These are a number of the keywords which will generate a huge body of literature pertaining to methods of analysis and interventions. Targeting individuals,  inter-link density among sites on the web. Sources of traffic. There are hundreds of papers. Although the sheer volume only indicates resource intensity, there is very interesting and "promising bad things" research.

Usefully for the layman, the field is far enough developed as to have its meta-studies proliferating. [Original research is for nerds anyway]
"Description of the marketing strategy and its key components - Explanation of what makes this marketing strategy innovative and unique - Comparison with competitors and how it differentiates the brand - Lessons that other businesses can learn from this case study"  - (Clark, 1997 informatin evn Sterelny (2003) 

The fight is not just over ideology but access to collaboration, data on audiences and research which can produce predictive models. We are not just talking tax policy. "This issue is never the issue. The issue is the revolution"  but we still suffer side effects. Talk to an expert for treatment for internet harms.

Go to google scholar to read the abstracts on topics like misinfoormation. I am stunned.  The enterprise is massive. It includes theoretical groundwork for future projects to pursue long term information warfare. Research, implementation and assessment. I wonder what's already being deployed. Many of them could be very difficult to detect, particularly as users don't have access to traffoc flows. All manner of Gaslightins,  mathematics to map black box networks. I swa two articles on the art of  "hostile cognitive scaffolding" I glanced at the absctract.  Call Andrew Angelin among the best friend of the Jews on the right and fire off a link to some hapless suburbanite. Get a large user base for some accessible service in a manner that inflicts calculated damage to their activity in that area. [Anyone want some free pornography?]

Since I am so far from the educated social strata, still curious to hear more about what these technicians think about what they're doing. Precedent suggests they need think little about it at all. It can go almost uncannily unexamined. The lexicon they were taught are the terms in which they can make their ideas available.  Propriety in academia, remember. On whose behalf do these researchers believe they act? Well it's obvious. The beneficiaries of fighting climate change.

These academics are clearly geniuses. But are they saturnine enough to realize what was done last time? Will we believe Sir Faucci Jr. III Says say, "Don't worry/YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!". 

In any case, if we can siphon technicians but also share the fruits of expensive research. Perhaps we can avoid being bound and given a KKK hood on the web. And so we bide our time... on minecraft.

The gpvernnment will know which arguments and rhetoric dissidents use. They can pass around caricatured version. It's recpgmozable yet offensovely stupid. Vaxxinate against sympathy for the public enemy through seletive exposure to make an archetype of the dregs. The public needs to know just right wing rhetoric to disable audio. That woud explain how walking through reasoning in the abstract and revealing the structural model is based on what they otherwise find unconcionable. [tangent: Marcuse's repressive tolerance was implemented very effectively in the treatment of the purebloods.]

Intellectual humility is so charming, when you brought up I started behaving better. I pride myself on being open minded, but have I ever been buffaloed into changing my worldview. I can only remember instances when I was aline, quiet or calm. 
I have contemplated its intellectual advantages even outside of social context, haven't read about reputation managemanet or its an evolutionary role. You knoe, this is information that could really stick. hm!

My repuation strategy has been online anonymity and staying out of public. When they get the power, I will be an easy mark for state-sponsored doxxing and retaliation.  I badly imitated polemicists, comfortable nobody was listening,

I always enjoy seeing someone brace themselves for a debate / discussion with a maligned opponent, only to find their polemics die on their lips, visibly shocked their counterpart is a team player. Even on a heated issue, it makes me receptive. I will continue to fall for that trick as sure as a necker cube. Humans have limits in their capacity when it comes to the perception of a flattened cube. How can we expect we can work out much higher order of problem when the first thing we do is draw a working conclusion?

We must rrely on the understanding we have at any given time, but statistical extrapolation can produce a ruthlessly plausible caricature of human development. We've seen harmless moderates persecuted as if they were terrorists. Having scalable workflow of quasi-scientific capegoating will place you on a more nuanced taxonomy of surveillance. 
It speaks well of the capabilities if not the judgement of censurious meddling. Being an optimistic man, I welcome this. Well financed, well trained in computer science, a well established intellectual network, is in favor of the gobohomo community? 

Even if they created it, it would be marvellous to redirect flows of select users into the tender arms of, not controlled opposition... perhaps you could call it an Unconstrained Ally...

google scholar
science direct