Terror-related Charges in Ottawa; Youth Radicalization

A heartbreaking news story via CBC. Mark Sutcliffe has said the RCMP arrested a youth for sending information on explosives preparation.

Shifts in political attitudes on the part of youths can be expected, but this is a troubling indicator that the future generations' tribalism may take on the warlike complexion, reflecting the increasing tension in geopolitics.


As I understand, the alleged targets were related to Jewish communities.

The fact of multiculturalism has taken a pollyannaish tone in the mainstream, and I think events have borne out that this is the wrong way to go about dealing with migrant populations. Though well-motivated, the haste to crush dissention on the topic of migration has been a concern for me because we had assumed attitudes among different nationalities will work themselves out as though automatically. This has been at the heart of my reactionary tendencies.

I haven't yet learned how to embed video links, but here was the original source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1vaRHzEGRg

Christian Paas-Lang discusses this in further on the CBC website. The subheading is "RCMP notes spike in youths arrested on terror-related charges — five since summer". It is a well written article which I encourage you to look at it.

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