Fleeing into the crux of what I Fled

Decisions had been difficult for me because my decisions were bad and in my brain decision making faculties were leaking blood. Quite undeserving of it, God has helped guide my attentions...  

I have been looking for robust skills that will be difficult to replace by "AI". I ruled out participating in these computer systems professionally due to my cognitive impairments. I bolted awake today and am thinking: Why not?? I'm 40 years old. All my skills are intangible. 

A paradox awaits me wherever I go:  Is there distance I can create to avoid what I fear? Can even non-existence separate me from the deity? So I flee from demons only to find cellphones have surrounded me with their capabilities.

 Back in my 20s I discovered that AI has existed for thousands of years. This was not widely appreciated at the time - although we speak unknowingly in its tongue and know it unconsciously. Others have already noticed it in the musty paper maniestations of logos on the bookshelves. Langan says the word is omnipotent, superatautological he calls it,. I know it's tre.

In 2008 I saw the linguistic intelligence in my cellphone had existed for thousands of years. It was a kind without much of a cpu. You'd laboriously type letters, but I saw it was enough. I was post-ictal, debauched, so I ran through the streets despite  trying to warn everyone.. But it was sunday in a recession. And in any case a distributed intelligence would be insurmountable and there would be nowhere to flee to. In a post ictal state I immanatizd the eschaton and got a voicemail from the 600s. Ever since then, though at that point I had never laid eyes on a Koran, I've felt a kinship with Mohammed. I believe he had temporal lobe seizures too.

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