The Totalitarian Ratio / Canada's Secret Revolution

As always, Conservatives have been more or less unwittingly conserving the advances of totalitarian revolutionaries. 

Under Canadian law, ALL companies must actively work to achieve “representative” proportions of protected minority classes. Canada's “The Employment Equity Act” has been evolving since 1995, but most people are largely unaware of its existence, let alone the scope. One possible reason is that it is impossibly onorous. Another reason is that "confidentiality" means employees are often not aware of its tyrannical implications. The marxist cliques have been awaiting a political environment where such laws can be deployed with impunity. These injustices are already law. With an increasinly woke conservative party, the time has come to force these laws on employers and employees alike.

The law is absurd. Hiring must be designed so women, natives, the disabled and all races - excluding white males - are hired by companies with the frequency they exist outside! Records must be maintained so these efforts are documented and compliance audited.

The employee ratios are assessed either with reference to the general population or among the pool of qualified candidates. This "representation" must even apply within each occupational profile. Don't have enough black programmers? Well you better get on it!

If companies do not satisfy the auditors, immediate action and multi-year plans must be prepared. They are to account for employee turnover, expected growth or shrinking of labor force and they suggest promotions and other incentives to retain minorities. In other words, promotions, raises, hiring and firing are controlled by the state. If you arouse their ire, they will seize control of your human resources.

This mentality mirrors discourse theory. You must activly participate in your own subordination to enemies of freedom.

As I mentioned, this law is not well known. With even the conservative party becoming increasingly woke, I believe it will become more visible. This last December, a task force appointed by the minister has returned with their report, 2-year long. Cited as a top priority: The Infrastructure for enforcement.

As a statistician, you can appreciate the arbitrary powers it bestows on innumerate government officials. The financial penalties they can impose have judicial authority and any appeals must be filed with higher courts. If you think I am exaggerating in any way, I refer you to the text of the law. :-O

*I should add the exclusion of whites is explicitly stipulated and the exclusion of males implied because the law only requires the representation of woman.

This goes to a point I have made previously. The essential aims of the "racism" narratives involve the destruction of the social order. Certainly that includes attacking whites. However, nonwhites should be mindful their head too is on the revolutionary chopping block. Those who crusade against racism are not seeking to end bigotry, they are seeking to end our civilization.

** The confidentiality provisions in the law are a particularly interesting facet: Businesses have both practical incentives and legal obligations which tend to keep the law secret. There could not be a more perfect template for a State-sanctioned uprising against freedom.

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