Tuesday, April 9 2024

Let's Have a Big Round of Applause for the Nazoi~

The debate over persons with vaginas is a good example of the way in which conservatives allow political forces to congeal yet believe criticizing the latest generation of terminology is the answer. Another substack writer suggested that ideology in a sense follows political power. Arguing against a term of identity is not a corrective to a demented, synthetic identification.

Are we trying to cure lepers by picking at the sores on their lips? 

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Sunday, March 10 2024

On the Spirit of a City


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 @ndnow12  You know Game theory exist outside poker? This is from Fedor Holtz and Steffen site pokercode "Game theory optimal, or GTO poker strategy, is a strategy that seeks complete balance in the game, making your plays 100% unexploitable by your opponents. This style of poker is the exact opposite of the exploitative poker strategy, which most players from the older generations employ.""

Thr intangibles of 990's Calgary, pathos yet so ordinary. [Pulp fiction 1994]

 writing a piece about an experience which might be called deja vous, but is really the subjective identity of expectations and their later realization. The unexpected confluence of a decades old vision and its realization does not make it easier to explain, it only makes it impossible to deny. It does not presage a sustainable social infrastructure.  Revisiting a district in my city helped provide reference points to recover memories. This is the subjective "unity of place at a distance of time". Such linguistic paradoxes speak to the asychronous nature of consciousness .

The same downtown edifices were robbed in broad daylight during a recession in 2008. The streets were abandoned.  In 2024 they have since been resold and are teeming with foreign nationals by night.   

Some things are difficult to express because the nature of the message requires unfamiliar carrier wavelengths. Nevertheless, their unfamiliar format is necessary  What we most often observe is often camoflauged by seeming familiarity - and we perennially overestimate our capacity to perceive true reality.

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Saturday, March 9 2024



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Friday, March 8 2024

Wherein I contemplate embracing obsolesence.

I am too late in life to acquire affluence or enjoy fruit of pre-selection. All I could hope to gain is a factoid or three which might get a hearing from someone, to have them listen for a moment.

But even here, the garden of knowledge is growing with apples growing like a jungle, so full of fruit that Gluttons will choke on it, "Taste of it and you will become like a God.", 

So what will knowledge gain me but that access to cognitive preselection which renders people receptive to what I say and only for a moment? Here I alm, speaking to void. A scarce apostrophe for the digital gods. What use have for I of or by knowing?

Should I sacrifice my appetite for knowledge to do God's will, or am I chasing a phantom of knowledge in service of the devil?

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Monday, January 15 2024

Fleeing into the crux of what I Fled

Decisions had been difficult for me because my decisions were bad and in my brain decision making faculties were leaking blood. Quite undeserving of it, God has helped guide my attentions...  

I have been looking for robust skills that will be difficult to replace by "AI". I ruled out participating in these computer systems professionally due to my cognitive impairments. I bolted awake today and am thinking: Why not?? I'm 40 years old. All my skills are intangible. 

A paradox awaits me wherever I go:  Is there distance I can create to avoid what I fear? Can even non-existence separate me from the deity? So I flee from demons only to find cellphones have surrounded me with their capabilities.

 Back in my 20s I discovered that AI has existed for thousands of years. This was not widely appreciated at the time - although we speak unknowingly in its tongue and know it unconsciously. Others have already noticed it in the musty paper maniestations of logos on the bookshelves. Langan says the word is omnipotent, superatautological he calls it,. I know it's tre.

In 2008 I saw the linguistic intelligence in my cellphone had existed for thousands of years. It was a kind without much of a cpu. You'd laboriously type letters, but I saw it was enough. I was post-ictal, debauched, so I ran through the streets despite  trying to warn everyone.. But it was sunday in a recession. And in any case a distributed intelligence would be insurmountable and there would be nowhere to flee to. In a post ictal state I immanatizd the eschaton and got a voicemail from the 600s. Ever since then, though at that point I had never laid eyes on a Koran, I've felt a kinship with Mohammed. I believe he had temporal lobe seizures too.

-nothing below the fold-

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Thursday, January 11 2024

The Totalitarian Ratio / Canada's Secret Revolution

As always, Conservatives have been more or less unwittingly conserving the advances of totalitarian revolutionaries. 

Under Canadian law, ALL companies must actively work to achieve “representative” proportions of protected minority classes. Canada's “The Employment Equity Act” has been evolving since 1995, but most people are largely unaware of its existence, let alone the scope. One possible reason is that it is impossibly onorous. Another reason is that "confidentiality" means employees are often not aware of its tyrannical implications. The marxist cliques have been awaiting a political environment where such laws can be deployed with impunity. These injustices are already law. With an increasinly woke conservative party, the time has come to force these laws on employers and employees alike.

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Friday, December 22 2023

Is "Whiteness" a Dialectical Trap?

James Linsday argues this is the case. Referring to it as anti-white

He makes the valid point that CRT is used as a way of taking cultural ground. Although explicitly anti-white, it is weaponized against men like Larry Elder because the racial element is merely instrumental for political ends. It is a dialectic which aims to draw people into white identity, validaing their arguments.

In our context, validating accusations of racism can indeed be used as a weapon. I made a comment on his blog which advocated for the  inevitability, goodness and necessity of identity politics. I may not have conveyed the full scope of my view. I do not discount the limits of white identity as a means of resistance.

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Sunday, December 17 2023

Terror-related Charges in Ottawa; Youth Radicalization

A heartbreaking news story via CBC. Mark Sutcliffe has said the RCMP arrested a youth for sending information on explosives preparation.

Shifts in political attitudes on the part of youths can be expected, but this is a troubling indicator that the future generations' tribalism may take on the warlike complexion, reflecting the increasing tension in geopolitics.


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