Hesitant Rubes

. "...individual freedom cannot be reconciled with the supremacy of one single purpose to which the whole society must be entirely and permanently subordinated." -Hayek

Every effort has been made to spread anxious concern about this dangerous and prolific virus. The Faucci clones, who replicated across the English speaking world with remarkable speed, appear nightly to deliver the latest covid numbers like gruesome weather reports. The messaging has clearly been effective. The masking and lockdown of huge populations as well as hundreds of millions of vaccine doses attest to the effectiveness of this propaganda. Perhaps that's what it took to implement effective public policies!

For the same reasons it has been effective, a large number of people have become skeptical of the policies and prescriptions. The media messaging has been marred by transparent statistical manipulation, selective reporting, appearance of conflicts of interest and methodical censorship.

This post will be in progress to assemble articles and information intended to overcome this reluctance. To berate, inform, bribe and threaten them. When this entry is finished, it will provide incontrovertible proof that their lack of trust is not only unwarranted, it is sinful.

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Australian Automatism: The Bond Between Guard and Prisoner

Thin blue line, that means close ranks. The grey NPCs given animation by their solidarity to the police. The guy who show up to the scene of trouble with training and ostensible mission of public protection.

The Ausborn Police hierarchy is a shadowy organization which some journalist worth their salt should have begun investigating, speaking to their past connections, biographies, qualifications and career. https://babylonbee.com/news/australian-hospitals-over-capacity-with-people-beaten-by-police-for-not-wearing-masks

While it's funny to see the street level antics, the regular off camera activity should be studied with reference to what happens before and after a camera exit. Obviously on-camera activity has stretched the bounds of credibility for decades.

This situation does not develop without pointed absence from the organization. In emergency situations, such draconian activities become a necessity on a wider population, for lesser offenses. However, the habits, the appetite was well established over sever generations of officers. And they reconnect with the roots of imprisonment with each-other in the land of exile. Australia.

Why would you say such a thing? You are sick.

I think as the curtain closes, and the screen fades, there should be a clip of George Bush assuring us that Islam is a religion of peace. So Feeble Clone, why would you write such a thing? Rape, and mutilation! You are a sick and demented man. Where do your thoughts come from, and when will your face be on the front page as a serial killer?

The answer is simple. I have been reading the Koran. What most people don't understand about Islam is that it is most unambiguous in its prescriptions and tawdry in its promises.

To ask such a question of me implies you don't know a thing about Islam or what it represents. If this story seems demented, do not blame me. Blame the fevered and demented mind of a false prophet, his greedy followers and the depraved imams who plot as they hold hands with politicians who urge people to report Islamophobia to the police.

Addendum 2021-09-28 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9998635/Muslim-doctor-charged-female-genital-mutilation-nine-young-girls-seen-court-again.html

This Doctor part of "secret" network. This doesn't call for a signals intelligence operation. Look, sometimes people mean exactly what they say.

And this is foreign, in a religious context. Until you begin to understand the conspiracy theories say the covidians have been taken by an L Ron Hubbard. No, they have been taken by a virus, and such plans existed in living memory were already explicated? It could not have done better. Faucci reassured people, like in 2003, that he knew what he was doing. And on some deep intuitive level, people knew that he did.

They didn't realize that he knew instantly that his gain of function research was not only implicated, he was among the physical originators. What confidence we had, him and his mimes, all the faucce clones and all the feeble clones of his mimes. He knew instantly, there is no doubt.

Even I would have known. Instantly. But I doubt even he could have predicted the course of the new humanistic religion - do no harm, but without the Hippocratic oath or Nurenburg convention.

Erotic Romance Novel: 71 Virgins

A man wakes up in a house, not knowing where is it.. There, a young girl. After a series of interactions with her, and grapes brought by the beautiful young boy Mohammed promised in case there was a faggot or two, he makes love with her. When he has sex the second time, he realizes she will always be a virgin. He begins to contemplate the reality that after centuries, he will tire of her. He knows after millenia, he will tire of everything. He begins to feel the horror of his situation. Every interaction with the women hastens the point at which solitude will overwhelm him. When the girl tries to comfort him, he violently rapes her and cuts off her hands. "That will teach you to steal my happiness. By Allah I..." He mouths "Allah" again, drops the knife and looks down at her. Realizing her hands will not grow back he tries to cut himself and it heals instantly. He stabs himself, heals instantly. "Allah has fulfilled his promises! He is the lord of hell! If I shall eventually kill all of the virgins, it makes no difference if I do it now or in a million years." He picks up a knife and murders her. He runs screaming out of the house knife upraised. fin

The Evidence Based Medicine: The Cattle Prod Model of Medicine

Covid infections pose a moral problem. The danger to health it poses only one among several more lethal health problems. If your argument is that the immoral, antisocial behavior must be treated medically, the population is being killed in far larger numbers by its behavioral failures. If we are to use coercion for the sake of public health, let us use coercion in everything.